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Experiential Learning and Accelerated Learning: About Our Services

Accelerated Learning for Accelerated Change


For over 20 years, we have helped organizations in 9 countries boost the effectiveness of their training and development programes through experiential learning and accelerated learning.


  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based training and development firm, specializing in accelerated learning, experiential learning, and instrutional design.
  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • Our faciitators travel from Toronto to serve our clients, all over the world.


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The Training Oasis, Inc., a Toronto based training and development firm, specializes in accelerated learning and experiential learning. We help our clients deliver more training in less time with a clear impact on your bottom line.

Since 1996, we have worked with organizations in 9 countries (Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and UAE). Our clients have included Bell Mobility, IBM, Ingram Micro, Telus Mobility/Clearnet, Novo Nordisk Canada, National Bank of Dominica, Caribbean Development Bank, Royal Bank Canada, IKEA, Wurth Canada, OCDC Bank (Malaysia), and the Penang Port Authority (Malaysia).

We specialize in accelerated learning, experiential learning, instructional design, and train the trainer programmes.

We'll help you:

  • Improve the effectiveness of training and development by desiging programmes that cater to diverse learning styles.
  • Reduce the amount of time that employees are away from their jobs for training by 20 - 50%, without cutting critical content.
  • Boost retention by up to 34% by creating vivid and memorable learning experiences.
  • Streamline your programmes and double their effectiveness.
  • Breathe new life into training programmes that are complex, tedious or boring.

We offer out of the box strategies for bottom line results.



Anne was given short notice with respect to her role, yet responded enthusiastically and quickly to understand the needs and plan the required sessions. Anne designed and prepared the materials for technical training (cellular, paging, etc.). The materials Anne presented were well received and used to convey the vision and goals of Bell Mobility. She also conducted "train-the-trainer" sessions for managers in Western Region presenting to front-line employees prior to the launch. In this role, Anne worked independently and flexibly to accommodate the needs of various departments and regions of Bell Mobility. Her participation contributed to making the Bell Mobility Launch a success.

Jerry Bokser, Managing Partner, WPI Events

Anne has tremendous expertise as a team building specialist and presentation skills coach. I hired Anne to train our in-house trainers in the delivery of training programmes. It was an excellent investment. Not only did she connect with the group immediately, but she also had them fully engaged to the very end. I also personally benefited by sitting through a few of her sessions. I would certainly hire Anne again.

Phillip Brown, Director, Director, Human Resources & Administration at Caribbean Development Bank

Anne is an excellent mentor who taught me years ago how the training profession operated. With her as my coach, I progressed from being a telephone customer service rep to being a full time trainer in less than a year. A few years after that, I was promoted to Manager of Call Centre Training at one of the largest telecom companies in Canada.

Mike Aoki, President, Reflective Keynotes

We hired The Training Oasis, Inc. to design a course on Instructional Design....Anne is a very knowledgeable and creative instructional designer. She knows how to address the participants' needs and make technical training more interesting. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne for any future project.

Dunia Wojtarowicz, CGU Group Canada Ltd. (Toronto)








Accelerated Learning & Experiential Learning Progammes

Our accelerated learning and experiential learning programmes are geared to address the challenges of rapidly changing organizations. Our courses include the following programmes and much more:


Fastrack to List of Accelerated Learning Programmes



Instructional Design

Over a decade ago, many companies scrapped classroom training put all of their eggs in the e-learning basket. Often, IT professionals who do not have an understanding of adult learning principles are prime in the development process. To save money, many organizations have outsourced the design of e-learning to low cost foreign suppliers. This has resulted in tedious "page turners" that are missing the mark in terms of producing desired learning outcomes.

The Training Oasis, Inc. designs high impact experiential learning and accelerated learning programmes. A tropical oasis is the metaphor for our vision of training for a reason. Colourful, colourful, refreshing, and engaging programmes with solid content prepare you and your team to tackle the demands of a rapidly changing and fast-paced business environment. Whether you need training in a classroom setting or solid instructional design for e-learning. We have the expertise to produce effective learning.



Train the Trainer

Training is becoming a lost art. For over a decade, training and development has been one of the areas in which organizational cuts have been deep. All too often, subject matter experts and suppliers have been tasked with delivering training. Without an understanding of training and development principles, these sessions are often nothing more than "information dumps". Participants end up being overwhelmed by the information overload and no real skill development or mastery takes place.

Our suite of train the trainer programmes:

  • prepares new trainers for their role
  • upgrades and fine-tunes the expertise of experienced trainers by giving them a sound grouding in experiential learning and accelerated learning techniques
  • equips team leaders, subject matter experts, and suppliers with the skills they need to be successsful in their new area f

We specialize in customized on site train the trainer programmes for groups of 6 - 16. These are intense, hands-on programmes in which participants receive coaching to maximize skill enhancement. Accordingly, a minimum of 2 1/2 - 3 days is required for each programme. If your organization is facing time constraints, we would be happy to deliver the programmes as a series of 3 hour modules.



Private Coaching

Our approach is to develop a partnership with you to:

  • Pinpoint the results you want to achieve and setting specific goals.
  • Set specific criteria and measures for success.
  • Develop a detailed plan of action to translate your objectives into reality.
  • Measure results.

As appropriate, we incorporate a variety of tools into the coaching process including 360 degree feedback, EQ assessments, and interaction styles inventories.

Our President and Founder, Anne Thornley-Brown, has both an MBA and an MSW. She is a former professional counsellor, family therapist and marriage consellor who can address career-life business, emotional spillover bewteen work and home, and emotional intelligence (EQ).

We offer private coaching and personal training in the following areas:

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Accelerated Learning Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Managing Upward
  • Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Life/Balance
  • Stress Management





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