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learning styles, accelerated learning

Out of the box strategies for bottom line results

Season to Taste: Catering to Diverse Learning Styles

An Accelerated Learning Train the Trainer

learning styles

  • Streamline your programmes and double their effectiveness
  • Help participants grasp technical and complex material more easily
  • Increase retention by up to 34%

accelerated learning

An effective learning experience is multi-sensory just like a bakery. From the scent of freshly baked bread to the intricate designs carved into the icing on the cakes, it caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Instead of using a cookie cutter approach to training, you can enhance the effectiveness of your training by catering to the diverse learning styles of participants with the same care and attention that bakers give to their creations.


Our time together will be like a visit to a bright and colourful Jamaican bakery. We'll use the metaphor of a bakery to explore how you can use learning styles to "spice up" your training. You'll walk away from the session with:

  • some tools to help you identify participant learning styles
  • strategies for reducing participant resistance
  • tips for catering to diverse learning styles
  • the confidence to put what you learn into practice

Course Length

1 or 2 Days The 2 day version of this programme includes some individual coaching and video taping. This topic is also available as an interactive keynote or individual coaching session

Group Size

6 - 8 Participants (1 Facilitator)

12 - 16 Participants (2 Facilitators)

What to Bring

To help you transfer what you learn to the real world, please bring some course material that you would like to improve. For example:

  • 2 - 3 pages of material you currently present through lecture
  • an exercise that covers theoretical or complex information
  • few overheads that cover technical or theoretical information

It is HIGHLY recommended that participants work in pairs using the same topic or exercise. This will facilitate transfer of learning and make peer coaching during and after the session possible.

Accelerated Learning Smorgasbord

Participants will experience the following accelerated learning approaches:

  • Jamaican Bakery Theme with related decorations, music and props
  • Tropical Get-away
  • Games
  • Energizing Refreshment Stand
  • Mood Videos

learning styles, accelerated learning

Course Menu

learning styles, accelerated learning



  • The impact of the brain on learning styles
  • The Pizza Survey (Game)
  • Left Brain/ Right Brain
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Model


  • Learning styles, a key ingredient in "making" accelerated learning work
  • Visual/Auditory/ Kinesethic
  • Gardiner's Multiple Intelligences


  • Tailoring learning experiences


  • Identifying learning styles and preferences with:
  • Learning Styles Inventories
  • Participant Profiles


  • From creative to conservative - a learning smorgasbord


  • Re-capping without regurgitating
  • The Art of Presentation
  • The Cake Walk (Game)


  • Taking it "home"
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