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Our Virtual Oasis

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Oasis = Calm and growth in the midst of turbulence.

Photo Credit: Brian Smith Used with Permission

At The Training Oasis, We Create a Special Space.

  • A place to innovate.
  • Come in and have a taste.
  • Relax beside a bubbling stream
  • Enjoy some soothing music.
  • If you’re hungry, help yourself to some virtual food.
  • Feel free to return whenever your need a refreshing change.

A Word from Our President

I hope that you have found refreshment here at our virtual oasis. It is intended to be a place for you to pause, breathe and relax. Since I started The Training Oasis, Inc. in June, 1996, God has richly blessed me. Through this business, He has taken me to exotic corners of the world that I had never even imagined - Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Penang, Malacca), Singapore, Bangkok, and exotic Dubai. I've met some wonderful people from many races, cultures, and faiths. Everywhere I've traveled, I've discovered another beautiful oasis. I now share these special places with you, through this portal to soothing places of refreshment in both the real and virtual worlds. Despite the turbulence of our times, this world is still a beautiful place. May you discover your own oasis.

Anne Thornley-Brown, President
The Training Oasis, Inc.

Anne Thornley-Brown, keynote speaker, trainer, instructional designer

Links to Other Cool Places at The Training Oasis

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Discover Your Own Oasis - In the Real World

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Let us Bring our
Oasis to You

If you contact us, we'll even bring our oasis to you through one of our Accelerated Learning Programmes for Turbulent Times:

Survival: Marooned on Horseback in Jamaica's Cockpit Country

  • A Survivor style teambuilding simulation

Desert Survival: Stranded in the Dubai Desert

  • An urban safari for team building
  • This unique cross between a desert survival simulation, scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, and car rally will give your team a boost

Over the Rainbow: Joy & Laughter in the Workplace

  • Re-energize a team that has experienced an accelerated rate of change with this team excursion down the yellow brick road

Igniting Creative Sparks

  • Unleash your team's creativity and solve your most pressing business challenges. Ideal for creative or analytical groups.

Links to Places of Inspiration on the Net

These links will take you to other places of refreshing calm. After you click on the links, these sites will take a few moments to download but they are well worth it. Use the opportunity to make yourself a cup of tea. Then, get ready to relax and enjoy.


Father's Love Letter


Interview with God

For more information about the benefits that we can offer for your team and your organization, please visit our Services pages and contact us.

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