Over the Rainbow: Joy & Laughter in the Workplace

Over the Rainbow: Joy & Laughter in the Workplace

Employee Engagement, Change Management, Stress Management, Balance, Creativity


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Is your organization experiencing turbulence due to:

  • uncertainty in your marketplace?
  • rapid Change?
  • a merger?
  • re-organization?
  • executive team changes?
  • high turnover?
  • poor morale?


Re-vitalize your team with this upbeat and engaging session!


Your Challenges

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when turbulence sweeps through organizations, fear and uncertainty can dominate. The result....a negative impact on your bottom line through increased turnover, higher short term disability costs due to stress leaves, absenteeism, burnout, and poor morale. During turbulent times, joy and laughter are often the last emotions people feel capable of expressing. By developing strategies to "re-charge their batteries", employees can relieve stress and renew energy, hope and enthusiasm. Out of this resourceful state, they will be able to generate creative and fresh solutions to the challenges that confront your organization. Participants will:

  • get a glimpse at what's in the pot of gold at the end of their rainbows - a vision of the shape they would like their lives to take both on and off the job
  • learn how to let this vision inspire them when times are tough
  • deal with change and uncertainty more effectively
  • pinpoint obstacles that stand between them and their dreams


How we can Help

The Wizard of Oz is a powerful story filled with important lessons for modern corporations. We'll follow Dorothy on her journey and glean important lessons from each character she visits in the story.

The strategies that she uses to overcome her own struggles and turbulent twisters, literally and emotionally, will help your team learn, grows and develops the resources to cope with organizational and personal turmoil.



Through this unique half or full day experience, your organization will:

  • take a giant step towards retaining your best people
  • develop strategies to reduce costs associated with turnover and absenteeism
  • equip employees with the skills to manage stress and change effectively
  • re-engage employees who are demoralized so that they can resume their positive contribution to the organization



I liked the active nature of this session, nice pacing, variety of activities, lots of interaction. Very good - thanks.

Greg Hughes, Director, Organizational Effectiveness

I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. The metaphor of the Wizard of Oz was a powerful one. Excellent job!

Janet Lemieux, Human Resources Planner







Group Size: 30 - 60 participants


Time Frame: Available as 1/2 day interactive workshop or an interactive keynote.


Our approach is interactive and engaging. We will draw rich parallels between the Wizard of Oz and your organizational and personal challenges.


Our Journey

  • Turbulent Twisters
  • Lessons From the Tin Man
  • Ideas From the Straw Man
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  • More Lessons From the Tin Man
  • Lessons from the Cowardly Lion
  • Conquering Fear Through Risk Taking
  • Of Witches & Wizards
  • For Dorothy a Home
  • Wrap Yourself in Your Rainbow


During interactive keynotes, there will be time for a session starter, an energizer, and one facilitated exercise.


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Lessons from the Tin Man

From the Tin Man you will learn about the power of emotions to promote healing, hope and renewal.

Participants will explore their "inner artist" to tap into their creativity and re-kindle their joy and enthusiasm.

All participants will leave with a menu of personalized energizers for times of discouragement.


Ideas from the Straw Man

The Straw Man will teach you how to use the logical and creative powers of the brain to develop breakthrough strategies and resolve pressing business issues.

Teams and individuals grapple with some of the roadblocks that are sapping them of energy and enthusiasm. Brainstorming exercies will help them generate solutions.


Lessons From the Cowardly Lion

The Cowardly Lion will show you how to overcome fear through risk-taking. No trust falls, we promise.

Of Witches & Wizards

Learn an array of strategies for dealing with the "witches" and "know it all" wizards you encounter in your journey along your own yellow brick road.

Uncover strategies for setting boundaries when you encounter those pessimistic tire kickers and bullies at work or on-line.

For Dorothy a Home

Many experts are contending that career/life balance is an unattainable illusion. We disagree. It's possible if organizations are supportive and individuals are proactive.


Wrap Yourself in Your Rainbow

Participants have indicated that these visioning exercise are some of the most powerful of the entire session. Participants will emerge with a clearer picture of the pot of gold at the end of their corporate and company rainbow.