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Presentations Skills - Star Quality Presentations

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  • More People Listed Public Speaking as Their # 1 Fear Than Snakes, Heights or Death COMBINED!
  • Don't let your fear of making presentations stall your career!


Your Challenges

Making presentations in today's corporations, and non-profit organizations presents a number of challenges.

  • Lead times and preparation time are shrinking.
  • Audiences are more demanding and diverse.
  • Attention spans are shorter as participants come from fast-paced environments where they are required to spin on a dime.
  • The influence of media and social media has created an expectation for high production values.


It is not surprising that even highly experienced speakers and presenters can find making presentations intimidating. For some presenters, nervousness and worrying about how you're coming across never really go away

How we can Help

This hands-on and highly participatory workshop will give you tools, strategies and techniques to design and deliver presentations with ease and comfort. Not only does this workshop focus on proven presentation methods and techniques, participants will also be exposed to relaxation exercises, vocal warm-ups and other techniques used by professional performers and keynote speaker to improve their impact.

Participants will have a number of opportunities to rehearse their presentations and receive feedback from peers and the facilitator in a non-threatening and supportive environment. Each participant will be given a repertoire of exercises and techniques to improve their impact and eliminate distracting verbal and physical mannerism and habits.

After completing this highly interactive workshop participants will be able to

  • Create presentation scripts that are easy to follow
  • Develop rapport with your audience and engage participants
  • Capture and retain audience interest and attention.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Reduce distracting physical mannerisms (shifting, fidgeting, fiddling, pacing).
  • Reduce anxieties about using your hands.
  • Reduce distracting verbal mannerisms (ums, ahs, etc.)
  • Project and use appropriate volume.
  • Eliminate monotones and speak with variety and inflection.
  • Handle tough questions.
  • Tailor your approach for small groups and informal presentations during team meetings or sales calls.


Participants will be asked to bring laptop and all the resources, information and files they need to develop and deliver their presentations.

Suggested Pre-requistes: Strong working knowledge of MS PowerPoint and MS Word



Who We've Helped

We have offered train the trainer progammes around the world. Some of the companies that have benefited from our programmes include Bell Mobility, TELUS Mobility, National Bank of Dominica, and OISIE.

We offer train the trainer workshops, courses, and coaching to companies all over the world.



I don't think I've ever taken a course where I've seen such tangible results.

Morris Shawn, CEO, Roadpost

I learned many breakthrough techniques from Anne Thornley-Brown's presentations skills workshop. She blends her business and acting backgrounds to create a unique course designed to help executives motivate and impact their audiences.

Mike Aoki, Former Call Centre Training Manager, Telus Mobility

This course provided me with skills I use on a daily basis. Anne has a unique way of making the courses fun and memorable and this is important.

Michelle Brenton, National Account Manager, Bell Mobility





Presentation Skills: Star Quality Presentations

Group Size: 6 - 16 participants


If a group has more than 8 participants, they work in pairs.


Time Frame: Available as 2 or 3 day interactive workshop.


During this upbeat accelerated learning programmes, participants prepare to "shoot a movie" about an important business meeting. From the initial casting call to the wrap party, they are so busy having fun that they forget about their nervousness. By the final "take" they've made dramatic improvements and mastered the art of developing and delivering Star Quality Presentations.

Participants will have the opportunity to:


  • jumpstart the development of a presenation that they need to make in the near future
  • fine-tune a presentatoin that thay have made in the past


Please note this is an interactive workshop and NOT case-driven, lecture-based, traditional learning. This workshop involves work on improving presentation material and hands-on physical and vocal exercises to improve presentation delivery skills.


The 3 day version of this programme features, a 45 - 60 minute individual coaching session for each participant. Individual and small group presentation skills coaching sessions are also available.

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Self-Study Modules

To achieve this objective, we have a number of self-study module to cover the teory behind adult learning and accelerated learning. This will free us up to devote most of the time during our workshops to skill drills, exercises, practice, and coaching.


Depending on your requriements, interactive self-study modules can include:


  • Developing Winning Presentations
  • Everything you Wanted to Know About Visual Aids but were Afraid to Ask
  • Illustrations with Ease



Through creative training techniques and proven strategies used by professional speakers and performers, you will learn how to:

  • Develop presentations within tight time frames.
  • Reduce preparation time.
  • Read your audience and tailor your presentation to meet their needs.
  • Overcome nervousness and stage fright.
  • Present dry or technical material in an interesting and entertaining way.
  • Improve your vocal tone.
  • Handle tough audiences without losing your cool.


Sample Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Key Communication Factors
    • Non-Verbal
    • Para-Verbal (Vocal)
    • Verbal
  • Personal Introductions
    (To Be Prepared In Advance)
  • Developing & Improving Presentation Material
    • Slides
    • Speaker's Notes
  • Benchmark Presentations


  • Non-Verbal Delivery Skills:
      • Building Rapport (Including Eye Contact)
      • Movement
      • Using AV
        - AV Drill
      • Identifying and Eliminating Distracting Physical Mannerisms
      • Preparation - Relaxation
        - Strasberg's Relaxing in a Chair
        - Physical Warm-ups
      • - Strasberg's Song and Dance Exercise
      • First Rehearsal
      • Para-Verbal (Vocal) Delivery Skills:
        • Improving Vocals
        • Using Your Script - Up and Down Reading
        • Eliminating Distracting Vocal Mannerisms
        • Pacing
        • Volume
        • Tone and Intonation
        • Marking Your Script
        • Practice Session (Verse, Rhymes, TV Commercial Scripts)
      • Second Rehearsal
      • Developing & Improving Presentation Material
        • Adding Creative Touches
        • Alternative Methods for Presenting Complex, Theoretical and Technical Material)
      • Verbal Delivery
        • Handling Questions
      • Developing & Improving Presentation Material
        • Participant Handouts
      • Final Rehearsal



The following accelerated learning exercises will boost the learning process:

  • Movie set theme, props and decorations.
  • Scenic Videos.
  • A location "shoot".
  • The actor's studio.
  • TV commercial audition and shoot.
  • Casting Call
  • With the Audience in Mind
  • "Scripts" That Sizzle
  • Presentation Secrets of the Stars
  • Visual Appeal
  • Take One
  • Vocal Appeal
  • Commercial Possibilities
  • Take Two
  • At the Improv!
  • The Casting Coach
(3 Day Version)
  • Media Training Session
  • Press Conference
  • Showtime!
  • Wrap Party

Evening Assignments

While time will be allocated to work on polishing your presentations during the workshop, be prepared to put the finishing touches on any work that is not completed during the evening.


Participants will be asked to bring:

  • Laptops
  • USB Drives
  • Any props or aids you need to deliver your presentation


To derive maximum benefit from this workshop, it is highly recommended that participants bring hard and soft copies of:

  • material related a real presentation that they will be facilitating in the near future
  • a presentation that they have delivered in the past and will deliver again in the future
  • technical content or information about a process for which they need to develop into a presentation

E-book Offer

Don't have enough participants for the training?

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