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Out of the box strategies for bottom line results

Spice Up Your Training

  • Cut training time by 20 - 50% without cutting critical content
  • Add a "dash of pizazz" to your training?
  • Present complex or technical information in a user-friendly manner
  • Re-kindle your enthusiasm for mundane or repetitive material?

accelerated learning

Add a creative spark to your training
with this invigorating, simulated get-away for trainers!

Please note: This is a simulation to introduce trainers to accelerated learning. We also offer a The Trainer's Workshop Train the Trainer programme


Through this unique, simulation based on a visit to a Jamaican bakery, trainers will experience the impact of accelerated learning.

Group Size

6 - 8 Participants
(1 Facilitator)

12 - 16 Participants
(2 Facilitators)

Course Length

Spice Up Your Training is available in a 1, 2 or 3 day format. (Also available as an interactive keynote.) The 3 day version of this programme features a 45 - 60 minute individual coaching session for each participant.

Individual and small group coaching sessions are also available on a stand alone basis.

First Menu

Second Menu

First Menu

Master the basics of accelerated learning with this engaging full day experience.


As participants learn about the secret ingredients in Jamaican cuisine, including our world famous patties, we'll draw parallels to the ingredients that are needed to make training effective.

Jamaican Patties

accelerated learning, train the trainer, Toronto

After they learn about accelerated learning by exploring our bakery, each participant will have an opportunity to "spice up" their own material (4-6 overheads, 4 - 6 page handout or short module). If you select both menus, we will videotape the practice and feedback sessions. Based on your requirements, we'll customize Spice Up Your Training and build an engaging experience for your trainers.


By the end of this session, participants will discover how to:

  • Remain fresh and enthusiastic even after delivering the same material dozens of times
  • Create a colourful and stimulating learning environment
  • Kick off sessions with entertaining, course-related ice-breakers
  • Transform technical material from mundane to magnificent
  • Keep participants and yourself alert and energized
  • Use sure-fire strategies for sprucing up handouts and visuals

Accelerated Learning Smorgasbord

Participants will experience:

  • Jamaican Bakery Theme with decorations, music, and props
  • Tropical Get-away
  • Energizing Refreshment Stand
  • Dance Breaks
  • Breath-taking Videos Posters


accelerated learning, Toronto
  • Hostess' Desk
  • Season to Taste(Catering to Diverse Learning Styles)
  • Cookbooks, Menus, & Place Mats
  • Theme Sets
  • All About Ambiance
  • Setting the Table
  • Sizzling Session Starters
  • From Dry to Dazzling
  • The Accelerated Learning Smorgasbord
  • From the Refreshment Stand
  • Dinner Mints
  • Taking It Home in the Doggie Bag

To access Spice of the Month (our accelerated learning e-zine filled with ideas, tips, & tricks for trainers), click on the Ezine link or tab at the top & bottom of every page.

To discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us via telephone, e-mail or submitting the Booking Request Form that you can access through the Book Services links.

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