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  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based consulting firm specialzing in experiential learning and instructional design.
  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.


Your Challenges

Some companies in Toronto are still facing financial constraints. We offer the following programmes for new clients in Toronto who would still like to offer experiential learning for their teams.

As these programmes are available at competitive price as our way of helping companies in Toronto. As they are priced WELL below our usual rates, they must be booked and paid in full within 7 business days of receiving our quote.

Important: If decision making is delayed or payment is delayed or there is a lot of red tape in dealing with your organization, we regret that we can't offer you these rates and our regular pricing will apply.

Before contacting us, please review our pricing, terms and conditions with the person who has signing authority for this initiative and ensure that your organization is in a position to take advantage of this offer.



Anne is powerful and talented trainer. She captivates her audience and teaches them new skills through intelligent, interactive, and enjoyable instruction.

Michael Waterfield, Management Consultant, Toronto

I liked the active nature of this session, nice pacing, variety of activities, lots of interaction. Very good - thanks.

Greg Hughes, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Regional Municipality of Halton

... by far the most practical course I have ever taken.

Gary Tune, Director, Product Logistics, Marketing
Bell Mobility (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Great way to build teamwork skills. Accountability was a big part of the lesssons learned. Enhthusiastic and professional facilitators.

Benjamin Lee, Global Middle Office, CIBC

Well developed and well executed!"

David Peneycad, Chief Administrative Officer, Grant Thornton

The pacing of the course was very good - perfect. There was no opportunity to lose interest. You are an excellent speaker. I really enjoyed listening to you!

Deepa Chander, Manager, Financial Services, Novo Nordisk Canada




What Sets us Apart

Our Approach

We use such accelerated learning to:


  • add punch and pizzazz to the training to keep them energized, alert and engaged so that they can learn more
  • create vivid and memorable learning experiences to increase retention
  • facilitate transfer of learning to the job through customized scenarios and extensive practice


Various energizers such as music, vacation breaks, exercise breaks, and toys stimulate the senses and the brain thereby facilitating learning and increasing retention.


One of our strengths is our ability to tailor our approach to your organization's culture and the learning styles of your employees. We'll look at your company and your requirements with fresh eyes. Then, we'll convey your content in a creative and user-friendly manner.


More Toronto Experiential Learning
& Accelerated Learning Programmes

Toronto Experiential Learning

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The Cash Flow Game

The Cash Flow Game


  • Help your team explore the dynamics of finance, business, and the stock market while having fun.
  • Boost your teams financial acumen and morale at the same time.
  • Encourage collaboration among team members.
  • Inspire team members to see new possibilities for personal and business success in the face of accelerated change and a turbulent economy.


Robert Kiyosaki's popular board game, which has been referred to as the adult version of Monopoly, is a perfect fit for times of turblunce, uncertainty, and accelerated change. While they are enjoy a half day of fun, participants will uncover important lessons about business and personal success in the market.

A professional facilitator will "set the stage" and debrief the experience with your team. This game is HIGHLY interactive and enjoyable.

Don't be surprised if people want to play it over and over again once they have tried it. We'll leave a game with you.

This highly customizable simulation assisted by a board game can be a simple or complex as the knowledge and skill level of your team.




  • $2500 (For up to 20 Participants)
  • $125 per person extra (for 21 - 50 participants)
  • $100 per person extra (for 51 - 75 participants)


The Cash Flow Game is great for learning and team building.


Taxes, Off-site Venue Rental, and Refreshments not included.

Over the Rainbow: Joy & Laughter in the Workplace

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when turbulence sweeps through organizations, fear and uncertainty can dominate. During turbulent times, joy and laughter are often the last emotions people feel capable of expressing. By developing strategies to "re-charge their batteries", employees can relieve stress and renew energy, hope and enthusiasm. Out of this resourceful state, they will be able to generate creative and fresh solutions to the challenges that confront your organization.

Toronto Urban Safari

An urban safari, is a cross between a car rally, scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt. Teams moves from place to place, collecting objects, taking photos and answering trivia. Mystery shopping and interviews with representatives from top brands give teams a chance to benchmark and learn about best practices to succeed in a competitive environment.



  • Chocolate Fantasy Safari: We'll take you to the best chocoloate stops Toronto has to offer.
  • Photo Safari: While the economy is growing, many companies still don't have the budgets they used. We've taken some of the photo challenges from our high end race events and added some light refreshments to give your team a break. Give us your best shot and we'll pick a winner.

The Tea Room

  • Pull a project together in a short time frame.
  • Develop your skill in learning on the fly.
  • Relax with team members.
  • Have fun learning about tea.


Tea is an ancient tradition that dates back thousands of years in China. In today's hurried and, at times, hectic lifestyle, it's a way to relax and unwind at the end of the day.


Through this unique and highly interactive simulation, you will have fun with your team discovering the pleasure that tea and tasty treats like finger sandwiches and scones can bring. A professional facilitator will set the context and draw rich parallels between tea and business. Then, you'll debrief the experience to glean valuable lessons you can take back to work with you.


You'll walk away with recipes that you can use any time you want to re-create your tea experience.

Group Size: 10 - 24

Virtual Reality

Only in Toronto, we are pleased to annouce that we can now add virtual reality experiences for teams into any of our facilitated business team building simulations.


For groups of up to 20 participants, we can offer VR on-site or off-site just North of Toronto.


As this technology evolves, we will add more experiences and locations.


Viral Video DIY

Viral Video Incubator, our newest Toronto team building simulation takes teams into a downtown Toronto studio to create a viral video. They'll pick up brainstorming, decision-making, and planning tools while they develop the script, cast, and crew the video shoot. They'll have a blasnt and walk away with tools and insights to boost team effectiveness at work.


Here is a viral video that a small business created to boost their on-line presence. Your team can so it too.