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Spice of the Month: Accelerated Learning E-zine

Accelerated Learning and Training and Development Articles for
Trainers, Meeting Planners, Professional Speakers, Facilitators, & Event Planners

  • Looking for creative approaches to "spice up" your training programmes, team building sessions, meetings, and presentations?

  • Short on time? Need to pull a training programme together quickly?

  • Drawing a blank? Need ideas to get the creative juices flowing?

We'll save you days of hunting for training and development ideas!

Spice of the Month Accelerated Learning E-zine, published since 1997 by The Training Oasis, Inc., offers training and development articles with dozens upon dozens of energizers, session starters, games, tips and tricks for trainers, meeting planners, facilitators, keynote speakers, event planners, and OD practitioners. Our featured spices (our current free issues) are loaded with tips that you can use immediately. Enjoy them for free until new issues are released. Then, they will be archived. Access to our archived issues and special reports is on a pay per view basis.

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Our Spice Rack is our catalogue listing and providing an overview of the over 28 published issues of Spice of the Month Accelerated Learning Ezine. Our ezine is jam packed with tips, exercises, music, games & more.

Our featured spices are always free. Access to our archives is on a pay per view basis. Currently, depending on the size and content of the issue, you can access each archived issue or special report for between US$7 and US$47 per issue.

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Before you Order: Our approach is light on theory and heavy on practical, "real world" application. This approach will never change as we have never had a CEO ask us about theory. If you're interested in learning more about accelerated learning theory, be sure to check out our Theoretical Tidbits issue in our archives. However, if you are looking for a heavy dose of theory, Spice of the Month is probably not the best option for you.







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Music for Accelerated Learning

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Special Reports: Accelerated Learning and ROI

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Training Career Series

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