Toronto Team Building. Urban Safari. Corporate Scavenger Hunt. Treasure Hunt. Segways.
Chinatown. Kensington Market. The Distillery District. Centre Island.
corporate scavenger hunt, team building, Toronto, York Region

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Toronto Team Recreation: Urban Safari
for Corporate Events

Exploring the Urban Desert

urban safari, Toronto team building

An Urban Safari in Toronto for Team Building or Team Recreation

Toronto Team Building: Urban Safari and Corporate Scavenger Hunt will help you boost team spirit and build more cohesive departmental and cross functional teams. This Toronto team building session is available as a:

  • half day, strictly recreational event to help team members relax and get to know each other better


Certain Minimums Apply.

Please check minimums and ensure that there
is room on your budget before requesting a quote.

NEW: Chocolate Fantasy Safari

The Context

From time immemorial, lonely travelers have wandered the desert in search of the next oasis to refuel, re-chart their course and find the strength to continue their journey. Now more than ever, the members of your team need a chance to pause, build relationships, reflect, and generate strategies to tackle the demands they face on a day to day basis.

This unique team building experience in Toronto, an urban safari, is a cross between a car rally, scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt. It will give the members of your team a chance to get to improve their relationships in a non-threatening environment.

Toronto team building, urban safari, scavenger hunt, York Region

Toronto team building

This team building session involves competition with other teams as your team moves from place to place, collecting objects, taking photos and answering trivia in the urban desert of Toronto or rural/urban desert of York region. Some of the areas that you can explore include:

  • Chinatown
  • Kensington Market
  • The Distillery District
  • Centre Island
  • the Downtown Core
  • Toronto's Underground city
  • and more...

Every now and then, you will even stumble across a stunning urban oasis.

corporate scavenger hunt, Toronto team building

Taken at J-Town, Toronto's Only Japanese Shopping Centre

Pleased Participants

"A great team building event! Well developed and well executed!"

David Peneycad, Chief Administrative Officer, Grant Thornton

"Super fun day. Full of Surprises and learning new things about Toronto"

Krista, ABAS Manager, Grant Thornton

"An exciting and fun-filled day! Great way to bond with my colleauges and see interesting sights of the city."

David Au, National HR Consultant, Grant Thornton

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"I thought it was amazing! It really builds team morale and helps colleagues from different departments learn more about each other. It was a lot of fun and a great adventure.

Tamar Assadourian, Senior Graphic Designer, Grant Thornton

"Great Fun!! An excellent day of team buiding and cooperative strategic planning. This would most certainly work for even larger companies.

Joshua Reynolds, National Analyst, Grant Thornton

"Going to new parts of the city - seeing areas I normally wouldn't take the time to explore. What a wonderful way to spend a summer day. Laughs, sunshine and exploring the city. ."

Katie Fines, OD Consultant, Grant Thornton

More Testimonials

Please note, we specialize in moderate and upscale team building, races and safaris.
We have taken some of the elements from our luxury races to create this urban safari,
a more affordable and accessible programme for small teams.

You can see additional testimonials here and here.


Prior to your team building session, we can arrange to provide each participant with a 1 day TTC pass or identify 1 team member for every 6 participants who has an SUV that can serve as a makeshift jeep or dune buggy for the day. If you have the budget for it, we can even rent rickshaws, or segways for part of the safari. We will then form your group into teams of 4 - 6. To determine the optimal mix for each team we will take into consideration:

  • Cross functional team dynamics
  • Team members who donít know each other very well
  • Team members who have difficulty working together
  • Team members at different locations who need to improve their ability to communicate

We will give each team a colour (or letter for large groups). Two weeks prior to your team building session, each participant will receive an invitation with the names of their team members. During the two weeks pre-safari, they will have an opportunity to connect and arrange a place to meet so that they can travel to their first stop together if you are using SUVs. Each team will be invited to come up with a name and a theme for their team and, if they desire, some costumes incorporating their team colour to reflect the theme.

At the Edge of the Desert

A member of The Training Oasis, Inc. team will meet your party at your office or another pre-specified location in York Region or Toronto. We'll start off with an icebreaker, a briefing session and a team competition. The winning team will be given a head start. As they head out the door, each team will get their clue sheets, a one day TTC pass, water, a tote bag for collectibles, and a disposable camera.

corporate scavenger hunt, Toronto team building

At The Oasis

The first team to reach the oasis gets bonus points. Then, depending on your budget, you'll be served lunch, dinner or light refreshments. We can even arrange an interactive demo and dine experience. After we score your trivia and view your photos and collected objects, prizes will be awarded.

For recreational sessions, teams will have a chance to relax, compare notes and share the highlights of their day.

corporate scavenger hunt, team building

Toronto Urban Safari Metltdown Madness Special

This urban safari is intended to make our services more affordable for small teams and organizations during the recession. We offer special rates for this that are lower than what we charge for our other events. In exchange for this,

  • our special rate is available only for new clients who book and pay in full within 5 - 7 business days of receiving our quote
  • our payment terms are 100% upon booking.
  • our special rate is available for sessions that are for recreational purposes only (sessions involving business facilitation are available at our regular rates)


Pricing for Toronto Urban Safari

Based on size of 10

  • $325 per person plus HST (excluding lunch)

  • $345 per person plus HST & gratuities (with lunch)

Pricing for Toronto Urban Safari

Based on size of 20

  • $210 per person plus HST (excluding lunch)

  • $230 per person plus HST & gratuities (with lunch)

Based on Size of 30

  • $170 per person plus HST (excluding lunch)

  • $190 per person plus HST & gratuities (with lunch)

Based on Size of 40

  • $130 per person plus HST (excluding lunch)

  • $150 per person plus HST & gratuities (with lunch)

If this session is not booked and paid in full within 5 - 7 business days of your inquiry, our regular rates will apply.

  • Example: $226 Per Person (Group Size of 20)

Still Can't Meet Minimum Group Size & Budget?

Team Match makes it possible for you to split the cost of team building or team recreation by sharing your session with another company.

You must be prepared to be VERY flexible re: dates and to make a prompt decision and payment.

Request Quote here.
You will receive your quote in less than 24 hours.
To describe your requirements and find out how we can help you achieve your objectives, please submit the Booking Request Form that you can access through the Book Services tabs or links.

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