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Great Canadian Race Team Building

Great Canadian Race, voyageur canoes, limousines, orienteering, horseback riding, Toronto, Ontario, Canada equestrian Great Canadian Race, voyageur canoes, limousines, orienteering, horseback riding, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

for Corporate Events & Team Building

Nobody gets eliminated!!

Inspired by the popular CBS TV show, the Great Canadian Race Team Building session is a flexible programme available to launch your next team building session or corporate retreat or as a stand alone special event for team recreation. We will fully customize Great Canadian Race team building to fit your timeframe and budget (certain minimums apply). Ensuring smooth logistics is an important aspect of Great Canadian Race team building session. For optimal results, we HIGHLY recommend at least a month for event planning and logistics. We also recommend at least half a day (minimum 4 hours plus lunch or dinner) if your Great Canadian Race team building is strictly recreational and at least a full day if you require debriefing and business application exercises after the race.

Please note this is not a low budget, gloried scavenger hunt but a team building or team recreation session inspired by the popular CBS TV show.

We do offer a corporate scavenger hunt for small teams:

Toronto Urban Safari

Great Canadian Race (Luxury Upscale Version) with helicopters, powerboats, horses, and luxury cars is available through our sister company at destinations outside Canada.

Amazing Race Luxury Team Building is available only at destinations outside Canada.

Pleased Participants

"Excellent event. Very well organized from beginning to end. Helped me meet other people on a personal level."

Alberto Da Silva,
Internet Marketing Manager,
Xerox Canada

"A great way to bring a team together to help promote teamwork and collaboration We thoroughly enjoyed it!!"

Stephen Irlam, National Reporting Manager, Rogers Communication (Fido)

".....Amazing! Compass, GPS and fire making with batteries - VERY COOL!!"

Alain Bisette, PR Analyst, Rogers Communication (Fido)

"Fantastic - lots of fun. Everything was great. The outdoor activities were my favourite. Everyone had a great time getting to know each other."

Anu Holt, Reporting Analyst, Rogers Communication (Fido)

"This was a great team building event. It helped generate some healthy competition while encouraging teamwork. It was a BLAST!!"

Pam Lepofsky, Manager, Internal Control
Xerox Canada

“Combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Team participation. Challenging but not difficult. Very creative and fun Teambuilding event. Had a great time!

Stephen Khang, Consultant
Xerox Canada

              Sample Comments from Dial Corporation Team Members
"Holy Cow! What fun. An A-MAZING experience. Give poor Mr. Briggs a rubdown for me - poor horse who had to put up with us "City Slickers".
"Lots of fun, enjoyed the variety - great way to get to know your team members."

Sample Itineraries

Pick from one of our itineraries in
Toronto, York Region, Oakville, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls
.... or we can custom design an itinerary to fit your budget.

Budget Guidelines - Minimums

Great Canadian Race for Team Building and Corporate Events

We can create an experience that includes a range of options to fit the season, your budget and time frame. These are some of the elements from which you can select to build your own Great Canadian Race team building experience. Customized options are also available to fit your budget and location.

  • An urban safari following clues, shopping, taking photos, answering trivia, and cooking in downtown Toronto, Chinatown/ Kensington Market, The Distillery, and York Region
  • Puzzles in Yorkville
  • GPS Geo Caching Treasure Hunt
  • Fire starter Challenge
  • Cooking Challenge
  • Shopping Challenge
  • Makeshift shelter construction
  • Orienteering with clues, compass and map
  • Giant Corn Maize (Late July to late October)
  • Treetop Walking
    (North of Barrie or in Collingwood - May to early November)
  • Tent pitching challenge at Centre Island or a campsite
  • Horseback riding in Oakville or Orangeville
    (includes BBQ)
  • Mini-Billiards/Pool Tournament
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Nascar Challenge
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Quinzhee (quincy) building (Winter)
  • Cycling on Centre Island or to The Distillery
  • Zipline (Available Elora, Collingwood or Algonquin Park)

great Canadian race team building

Transportation Options

Ideally, each team should travel in its own vehicles (e.g. cars, limos, rickshaws, etc.). To help you meet your budget, we can have more than 1 team travelling together. However, to ensure that it feels like a race and that your teams aren't frustrated by bottlenecks or long wait times, we can have no more than 3 teams travelling together.

We can suggest a range of transportation options for different legs of the race to fit your budget.

  • Drive Your own Cars of SUVs
  • Rental cars or SUVs
  • Rickshaws
  • Bicycles
  • Chauffer driven luxury cars or strech limos
  • Voyageur canoes across Lake Ontario to the Toronto Islands
  • Segways
  • Dragon Boats
  • Horses
  • Sleighs
  • Dog Sleds
  • Subway
  • Go train
  • VIA Rail
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Helicopters
  • Powerboats

Sample Great Canadian Race Itineraries

Itinerary One - Half Day + Lunch
  • Golf Challenges (Driving Range & Golf Cart Relay)
  • Giant Corn Maize (Indoor Mini-Golf or Rock Climbing in the Winter)
  • Riding Lesson and Gymkana with simple Games and Challenge on Horseback
York Region
Itinerary Two - 5 Hours + Plus Lunch
  • Giant Corn Maze (Indoor Mini-Golf in the Winter)
  • Shopping Challenge
  • Fire Starter
  • BBQ Challenge
  • Makeshift Shelter, Tent Pitching or Quinzhee Construction
  • GPS Geocaching Treasure Hunt or Orienteering

Niagara Falls/Niagara-on-the Lake

Itinerary Three - 5 Hours (Not including Transporation to the Region)

We have a new itinerary in the Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake area. It ranges from $180 - $225 per person (for a team of 42) to $260 - $300 per person (for a team of 24). This includes lunch, all venues and transporation within the region. It does not include transporation to the region.

Activities can include Casino Slot Machine Challenge, Photo Challenge, Shopping Challenge, Fire Starter Challenge, Cooking Challenge, GPS Geocaching Treasure Hunt, Orienteering with Compass and Map, Billiards, and Video Game Challenge.

With a higher budget and longer timeframe, we can add more elements to your Great Canadian Race team building session.

Examples of Other Options

More Pleased Participants

"When I heard we were going to be outside, I wasn’t crazy about it, but when we got started, you didn’t even notice the cold. It was a fantastic time and a lot of fun."

Jeff LeGrand, Financial Analyst
Xerox Canada

"Camaraderie, physical challenge. We had an awesome time. We were knee deep in snow, orienteering with the GPS. It was really challenging!"

Christine Fletcher, Senior Financial Analyst
Xerox Canada

"Keep up the great work. This was an interesting, well planned and thought out challenge.!"

Matthew Dunbar, Accounts Payable Clerk
Xerox Canada

"Good team building. Fun. Fantastic way to get to know your fellow workers.

Connie Salituro, Rogers Communication (Fido)

"Great event, enjoyed a lot. Good oganizer."
Gunjan, Rogers Communication (Fido)

"Great fun way to interact with co-workers. Enjoyed making campfire and s'mores."

Toula, Rogers Communication (Fido)

Great Canadian Race team building involves a lot of logistics to ensure smooth execution. Particularly for medium to large groups, we HIGHLY recommend that you book your Great Canadian Race team building session a minimum of 1 calendar month in advance.

We are sometimes able to accommodate bookings for Great Canadian Race Team Building on short notice. Please note that, due to the compressed timeframe for logistics, a 15% surcharge will be applied for all sessions booked with less than 1 calendar month's notice.

Minimums Including Food and Locations
(Based on Specific Sample Itineraries)

Great Canadian Race Team Building involves competing with other teams in a variety of team challenges at various locations. It involves travel to various locations using at minimum a car, SUV or mini-bus, not just travel on foot or by public transportation. If there is room in your budget, we can offer you a variety of transporation methods.

Please ensure that your budget falls within these minimum time and budget guidelines before contacting us for a quote for Great Canadian Race Team Building. If your budget falls below these guidelines we can offer you our:

Urban Safari

which involves following clues to different locations, collecting objects, puzzles, pen and paper challenges, and trivia. However, based on our core value of integrity, we won't pass it off as Great Canadian Race Team Building as some competitors are doing. Please make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

  • A Minimum of 4 hours plus lunch or dinner is highly recommended
  • Small Group (10) $435 - $515 P.P. (Self Drive)
    Small Group (10) $525 - $610 P.P. (Transportation Included)
  • Small Group (15) $300 - $375 P.P. (Self Drive)
    Small Group (15) $400 - $475 P.P. (Transportation Included)
  • Small Group (20) $260 - $335 P.P. (Self Drive)
    Small Group (20) $350 - $435 P.P. (Transportation Included)
  • Medium Group (30) $225 - $275 P.P. (Self-Drive)
    Medium Group (30) $290 - $340 P.P. (Transportation Included)
  • Medium Group (40)$175 - $225 P.P.(Self-Drive)
    Medium Group (40)$250 - $290 P.P. (Transportation Included)
  • Large Group (50) $160 - $200 P.P. (Self-Drive)
    Large Group (50) $210 - 250 P.P. (Transportation Included)
  • Large Group (60) $150 - $175 P.P. (Self-Drive)
    $190 - $225 P.P. (Transportation Included)

Please note, this includes lunch but it does not include alcohol.

Suggestion to help you meet your budget: You can have more than 1 department from the same company do the race. One department can start at 8:30 or 9:00. The other department can start the race at 10:30 or 11:00. You will still qualify for the minimums based on the total group size.

Our payment terms are 50% at the time of booking and the balance 1 calendar month prior to the session.

Great Canadian Race Team Building sessions booked less than 1 calendar month in advance must be paid in full at the time of booking. There will be a 15% late booking surchage due to the compressed timeframe for logistics. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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