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On the Job Training (OJT) & Coaching Skills

  • Want to enhance your team leaders' coaching skills?
  • No time for lengthy training programmes?
  • Need to prepare your supervisors to deliver "just in time" on-the job training?

This intensive workshop will help supervisors, new managers, technical trainers, and subject matter experts master the basics of on the job training and coaching skills.

on the job training (OJT)

In today's fast-paced business environment, many organization can no longer afford the luxury of offering lengthy training programmes to frontline employees. There is an increasing need for "just in time training" to cover maximum content within limited time frames On-the-Job Training & Coaching Skills will equip your technical trainers with the skills they need to provide small group or one-on-one instruction.


After completing this one or two day, hands-on workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Reduce preparation time by using a step-by-step approach
  • Analyze and break down complex tasks so that they are easy to understand
  • Make learning mundane or repetitive tasks fun and interesting through the use of accelerated learning principles
  • Capture and maintain trainee interest and involvement throughout the session
  • Transform job-aids from dull to dazzling
  • Design and execute a flawless follow up plan

A Unique Approach to On the Job Training (OJT)

Before analyzing a job-related situation, participants master task analysis fundamentals by developing a recipe for making pizza or baking a cake. They learn sure-fire strategies for creating a climate that fosters learning, building rapport, and providing constructive feedback that is not motivating.

on the job training (OJT)
on the job training (OJT)

During The Training Camp exercise, participants apply what they have learned through a confidence-building hands-on activity. Previous participants have coached each other to decorate a cake, sink a basketball, juggle, solve Rubbick's cube, play cards, do magic tricks, and complete simple crafts.

This simulation is debriefed to uncover coaching steps. Using their "natural" coaching skills that they discover, participants are able to make a painless and easy transition to job related coaching job.

All practice sessions are video-taped to enhance the feedback and coaching process during the workshop.

Group Size

6 - 8 Participants (1 Facilitator)

12 - 16 Participants (2 Facilitators)

Course Length

On the Job Training & Coaching Skills is available in a 1 or 2 day format. An ideal option would be to do Star Quality Presentations on Day One On the Job Training and Coaching Skills on Day Two.

Individual and small group presentation skills coaching sessions are also available.

AL Smorgasbord

Participants will experience the following approaches to training:

  • Sports Theme or Cooking School
    (as appropriate for group)
  • Decorations and Props
  • Table Top Energizers
  • Simulations
  • Game Show
  • Play and Video Break
  • Painless Peer Coaching
on the job training (OJT)


  • Facilitating V.S. Training vs. Coaching
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • The Instructional Cycle
  • Recipe Card or Pizza Parlour
    Task Analysis Simulation
  • OJT Roles & Stages
  • The Training Camp Simulation (Video taped)
  • Task Analysis
  • Job Aids
  • Skills Practice Session (Video taped)
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