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Spice of the Month is an ezine that focuses on accelerated learning. It is published by The Training Oasis, Inc., a Toronto based consulting firm specializing in accelerated learning, team building, and instructional design for rapidly changing organizations in Canada, Asia and Jamaica. In every issue, we feature approaches that you can use to "spice up" your training, presentations, team building sessions, and meetings. Our approach is light on theory and heavy on practical, "real world" application. This approach will never change as we have never had a CEO ask us about theory. If you're interested in learning more about accelerated learning theory, be sure to check out our Theoretical Tidbits issue in our archives. However, if you are looking for a heavy dose of theory, Spice of the Month is probably not the best option for you.


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FAQs About Spice of the Month Accelerated Learning Ezine

We publish Spice of the Month periodically. In every issue, we'll "serve" an exciting "dish" from our accelerated learning smorgasbord. We're always adding some interesting new dishes so, if you haven't stopped by recently, we invite you and your colleagues to browse by for a visit. Our featured spices are free. Our current issue is always free until a new issue is available. Access to Our Spice Rack (our archives) is on a pay per view basis for a nominal fee of U$7 -US$17 per issue.

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Our "spices" have been tried and tested in the "school of hard knocks" with large and small companies, analytical, kinesthetic and visual learners. Some have even been effective with conservative audiences. Whether your audience is creative or conservative, accelerated learning will help you improve your effectiveness.

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Where do I go to find free articles on your site?

Our featured spice (the current issue of our "Spice of the Month Accelerated Learning Ezine") is always free and accessible here. You can also access any of the over a dozen archived issues of Spice of the Month for a nominal cost through Our Spice Rack (our index).

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Why is access to the "Spice of the Month" archives no longer free?

First of all, The Training Oasis, Inc. is a for profit consulting firm and NOT a non-profit information portal for trainers. It was our pleasure to generously provide free access to all archived issues of the Spice of the Month Accelerated Learning Ezine listed in Our Spice Rack (our index) for over 7 years beginning with our launch in January, 1997.

In view of the turbulent economic climate, like all other businesses, we have had to constantly re-assess and refine our business model. Secondly, in the past, there was no charge for us to maintain an e-list and distribue the e-zine. Due to declining revenue from banner ads, all of the sites that offer list management now charge for their service. Thirdly, as our site grew, we ran out of the free web space server provided by our ISP. To serve you better, we are gradually re-vamping the look of the site and moving it to a web hosting service that is not free. These two factors alone have increased our expenses significantly.

Finally, while "Spice of the Month" has been enthusiastically received, it has not generated the number of bookings or volume of referrals that we had originally anticipated. Continuing to offer it for free would not be a sound business decision. The only way for us to offset the over US$500 in direct expenses that we now incur to publish and distribute Spice of the Month is to charge a nominal fee for access to the archived issues in Our Spice Rack. This is quite consistent with trends on the internet. Many web sites that used to offer free e-zines now offer paid subscriptions. Many newspapers and magazines are also now providing access to their archives on a pay per view basis.

We hope that you will understand our reasons and continue to support our site as many of you have done since 1997 when it was launched. Thank you for your continued support

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How often is "Spice of the Month" published? Why is it no longer published bi-monthly?

"Spice of the Month" is now published periodically. In the current economic climate, just like every other organization, we have had to devote more time to business development and marketing Unfortunately, there is less time available to research and develop articles for the e-zine. If there is a dramatic improvement in the business climate or if we ever convert to a fully paid subscription basis, we will again publish it bi-monthly.

Still can't find an answer to your question? You can take advantage of our cost effective On-line Consulting/Coaching Services or post it for free at our Accelerated Learning Exchange interactive forum. To reach it, click on the "Help Forum" links.

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We will notify you about any new featured (free) spices that we release and improvements to our site. Access to the archived issues in Our Spice Rack (our index) is available at nominal cost.


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