Corporate Team Building Primer

Team Building Primer


Corporate Team Building Primer

Updated 14 September 2017, by Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA


Corporate Team Building Guide for Executives


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  • Why Companies are Cutting Team Building
  • Clarifying Corporate Team Building Objectives
  • Team Building Planning Considerations
  • Selecting the Right Location for Team Building and Executive Retreats
  • Choosing Your Theme
  • Selecting Your Teams
  • Setting a Realistic Time Frame
  • Alcohol: Don't Let it Flow Freely
  • Put a Leash on the Libido
  • Corporate Team Building: The Bottom Line


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Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA, the founder and President of The Training Oasis, Inc., has spearheaded management development initiatives for 2 major Canadian corporations. For over 20 years, she has shaped the direction of The Training Oasis, Inc. and its sister company Executive Oasis International. Anne has also been interviewed and featured in Forbes, The Globe and Mail, the National Post, Profit Magazine, Successful Meetings, Smart Meetings, and numerous other publications. In addition to designing and faciltating programmes for companies from 18 countries, she is a well respected blogger. She has blogged for Plan Your Meetings by MPI, The Huffington Post, Event Manager Blog, Cvent Blog, EventMobi Blog, and Elite Meetings, to name a few. For over 8 years, she managed the Event Planning and Event Management group on LinkedIn. As the group grew from 4,000 to 350,000+ members, I launched 18 related groups and recruited, trained, and managed the leadership team.